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    We were on the Radiance of the Seas for the western Caribbean cruise on November 2804. This was our second cruise with Royal Caribbean with our first last year on the larger Adventure of the Seas. After one cruise with RCI, I expected roughly the same standards with the Radiance and in general, I wasn’t disappointed.


    Our stateroom was an inside aft cabin and we were not disappointed. It was roomy enough and the lighting was adequate. Closet space and drawers were also sufficient for our use. We noticed that the double beds here were actually a bit better than the one we had on the Adventure since we couldn’t really feel the split between the two separate beds like we did last time. If there’s one thing that can be improved is the shower curtain. The one installed was not adequate in keeping in all the water from the shower. The shower on the Adventure utilized a double glass door system which was far superior. Otherwise, the cabin was nice and dark for sleeping at night. Although we heard a little noise from the cabins next to us, it was minimal. We didn’t miss having any window or balcony at all since we were hardly ever in our stateroom. We were either at port or elsewhere on the ship and went back to our cabins just to relax or sleep. We would definitely book an inside cabin again with RCI unless we had a free upgrade.


    The main Cascades dining room was nice and meals were good. Breakfasts had the same menu every morning. Lunch at the dining room was okay. The dinners were good but not every meal item was a winner. There was the odd appetizer and dessert that was not up to par. One thing that my partner noticed was that the portions of the main courses seemed to be smaller than those served on the Adventure. We usually went upstairs to the Windjammer to get more food after dining at the Cascades. In some parts of the Cascades room, the tables were placed too cramp so walking to out own table was tricky at times. The self serve Windjammer was good. It usually had more variety of food than served downstairs at the Cascades. Breakfast and lunch were busy at the Windjammer but during evenings, most people chose to dine at the Cascades. The two other optional restaurants onboard Portafino and Choppe House were available at 20 US per person but we never tried them since the meals already included at the Cascades and Windjammer were fine by us. Other passengers who did go to these optional rooms told us that they were nothing special. There was another cafe available during late evenings called the Seaview and they provided fare such as sandwiches, salads and burgers. This was a nice feature. One thing we did object to was that they charged for the coffee and tea there. There was also a specialty coffee place on the main centrum of the ship and they also charged. We had more availability of free beverages on the Adventure.


    The service by the stateroom attendants and dining room staff was top notch as expected.


    The evening shows at the Aurora Theatre were a mix of the ship’s own crew of dancers and singers plus some outside comics and singers. In general, the shows were quite good. We would have liked them to mix up the entertainment each night rather than allocate music, comedy and magic into different evenings. Rather than an entire show of magic, we would have preferred each night featuring a variety of entertainment. Live music around the ship was a nice added touch.


    Although smaller than the Adventure, the Radiance had fine amenities including the gymspa, mini golf, pools and the shops. There was internet access but at 50 cents per minute, the service is a bit steep. There were things to do during the days at sea such as art auctions, cooking demos and dance classes. However, we felt that there was more offered on the Adventure. As for embarking and disembarking, there was no problem on the Radiance. The 6th level contained the casino and for non-smokers, this was a problem. The ventilation in the casino was not great and as a result, cigarette smoke travelled to adjacent areas near the casino. My partner wanted to avoid going on the 6th level whenever possible.

    In summary, we enjoyed our cruise on the Radiance of the Seas. However, comparing it to the larger Adventure of the Seas, we would rate the larger ship a bit higher. We liked the huge promenade on the Adventure which was not available on a smaller ship like the Radiance. Given a choice in the future, we would opt for the larger ship. For first time cruisers, the Radiance would still be a good ship to vacation on. This is simply the case of where veteran cruisers would expect more especially if they have been on higher end ships.

    Take A Caribbean Cruise

    Of all the great vacations I have been on in my life, none have compared to the Caribbean cruise I got to enjoy with my parents, siblings, husband and children just a few years ago. I’ll admit that I wasn’t too excited about the idea of going on a Caribbean cruise when my parents first bought all of us tickets for Christmas that year. The idea of being confined on a huge boat for ten days just didn’t excite me. I naively expected to be seasick and board for the entire trip and find myself wishing I were anywhere but on that Caribbean cruise.

    Fortunately, my preconceptions were totally wrong. While it did take a few hours to get used to the constant motion of the boat, I no one actually got seasick during the entire trip. And I was the furthest from bored that I have perhaps ever been. The Caribbean cruise was filled with more activities than a person or family could enjoy during the ten days. Each person in our party of nineteen people was more than satisfied with the activites and options for enjoying the Caribbean cruise.

    One of the greatest things about the Caribbean cruise was that it offered activites, foods and entertainment for literally all ages of guests. My elementary school aged children loved it just as much as my parents who were in their late sixties. The children enjoyed the many swimming pools and organized activities that happened throughout each day. The Caribbean cruise offered miniature golf, sports competitions of all kinds, art classes, and great kids movies at night. For the adults, the Caribbean cruise offered a workout center, many fitness classes, dancing lessons of all kinds, gambling and live entertainment in the evenings.

    My fears of being trapped on the boat for ten days straight were relieved each of the four times our Caribbean cruise ported at a different island or beach in the Caribbean. We were able to get off the ship each day and enjoy a full day of exploring the area or doing fun activities like snorkeling or scuba diving in the ocean near where we ported. Of course, there was always the option of staying on the ship during these port days as well. I was simply amazed at the variety that the Caribbean cruise offered. I felt like a family could return on a Caribbean cruise several times before enjoying everything that was made available to them.

    A final thing that blew my mind about our Caribbean cruise was the service we received. Our rooms were kept immaculately and we were served the most amazing food I have ever eaten. We were well taken care of from morning to night.

    I’d encourage almost anyone I know to enjoy a Caribbean cruise for their next vacation. It was one of the most surprising and fulfilling trips I have ever taken.

    Siboney Beach Club In Antigua A Secluded Romantic Caribbean Resort

    Siboney Beach Club In Antigua A Secluded Romantic Caribbean Resort

    Siboney in Antigua first came into my radar when I was researching, privately locally owned hotels in Antigua.

    It struck me as possibly one of the more secluded romantic Caribbean resorts, and so having spent my honeymoon in Cocos in what I still think is one of the best Caribbean honeymoons hotels, I was anxious to return and try the Siboney Beach Club.

    We stayed on the top, third floor in a one bedroom suite, with a small kitchen. It was very comfortable, well decorated, but we would have liked it air conditioned throughout. Only the bedroom has airconditioning, and not the other rooms, which could be unbearably hot, even with a ceiling fan.

    There were also mossies but Deet took care of that problem, and I dont wish to be critical really because the Siboney Beach Club gave us a great vacation, not least because of the input of the owner Tony Johnson who has a handle on everything, and it is so nice to stay in an hotel where the owner and not a faceless manager is so ever present.

    Siboney is located at the far end of Dickenson Bay, although its not as beautiful as we were led to believe, with a Sandals resort to the right of the hotel, the beach there was far too busy, but in fairness go to the left past some crumbling buildings and you come upon a lovely deserted beach, totally peaceful.

    There is an excellent restaurant right next to the hotel called the Coconut Grove, literally right on top of the beach, with superb food, at breakfast lunch and dinner, although at a price!

    Be careful in Antigua with your money, because everything is in US, not EC as it should be, and it can be difficult to get your hands on cash from an ATM, because they seem to be permanently empty!!

    There is a lovely good size pool in the beautifully lush, and well maintained gardens, and youll often have it to yourself.

    The sunsets are another memory of Siboney in Antigua, seen with the inevitable rum punch in hand.

    Siboney in Antigua is undoubtedly one of the more secluded romantic Caribbean Resorts, and is exactly the right place to stay for people like us who hate all-inclusive gin palaces.

    Royal Caribbean Review

    Why Take a Royal Caribbean Cruise Vacation? Well, with all the different cruise ships in their line, all the destinations,and the affordable price range, there are cruises to please every traveller, no matter how jaded.

    In our fast-paced society, Royal Caribbean offers a very cost-effective and time-efficient way to take a holiday. Think about driving all day through holiday traffic to a far-away destination, packing and unpacking at every hotel, and trying to find restaurants and personal services. On a Royal Caribbean cruise you dont drive anywhere for weeks at a time. Even on a tour bus , it’s you personally who must handle all the luggage and repack at each new destination. On a cruise, your bags arrive with you when you check in and the staff transports them to your cabin, stateroom, or suite. You are at home immediately and don’t have to move until the cruise ends. And cruise ship cuisine is legendary in both quantity and quality. Each Royal Caribbean ship has world class restuarants staffed by award-winning chefs, and the cruise price includes the cost of the food. At every port, guided tours are available so you won’t miss any of the spectacular attractions. You can take a holiday from parental duties as well, since supervised activities and games are available to keep children occupied. And at the end of your holidy staff will arrive to pick up your luggage and take it to the intended pick-up point. Cruise ship facilities free you from so many of the worries and strain associated with traveling, and allow you to relax and actually enjoy your vacation time.

    Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines offers the some of the best deals in the travel industry. Conde Nast Traveler consistently rates Royal Caribbean Cruises as one of the world’s best cruise ship lines. Services include informative lectures about your location, upscale boutiques, and Broadway-style entertainment. Some ships even have facilities for ice-skating shows. Try your luck in the Casino or even collect fine art at the onboad auction. Enjoy exotic nightlife at clubs with various themes.

    You’ll never feel neglected at the onboard spa. Try a deluxe manicure and pedicure, a luxurious facial or even a relaxing massage. You’ll leave glowing and invigorated.

    But Royal Caribbean isn’t just for the adult traveller. Royal Caribbean features an Adventure Ocean Youth Program and Fisher-Price Aqua Babies and Aqua Tots to occupy younger passengers. When the ship reaches port, adults have the opportunity to take cultural tours by themselves without hauling along bored and unwilling children . And the the younger set can enjoy vigorous, noisy activities such as a rock-climbing wall without wearing out the parents. One ship under construction, Freedom of the Seas, is being equipped with onboard surfing!

    Age or disability do not hamper cruising. Modern cruise ships are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of aged and mobility-impaired passengers, and staff is always ready to help with the special medical needs of passengers. Nowadays most major cruise lines accommodates those who require dialysis or supplemental oxygen, and more medical services are available if requested beforehand. An emergency clinic with CPR equipment is available on each ship, saving you the trouble of finding an English-speaking doctor in a foreign country.

    Dinner is a major form of entertainment on a cruise ship, a practice dating back more than a hundred years to the era when cruises were for nobility and the wealthy who expected elegant formal meals. With today’s laid-back lifestyle the old-fashioned elegance is optional, and for those who enjoy casual dining, meals can be obtained around the clock from room service and cafeterias. However, what is a cruise without glamour? It can be a lot of fun to go to a ritzy event where ladies show off their best attire and jewelry, and gentlemen wear tuxedos.

    And don’t forget the cruise destination itself! Royal Caribbean docks at a different port of call every few days, depending upon distances and sailing time between local ports. Aside from the caribbean, these ships sail all around the world, to Hawaii, Mexico, the Panama Canal, New England, Alaska and many European ports. It’s up to you whether you want to explore onshore or lounge aboard the ship all day. You are free to investigate each destination on your itinerary as long as you arrive back at the dock in time for departure.

    Optional activities are offered for a slight extra cost, and Royal Caribbean offers adventures geared toward the unique features of every destination. There are cruisetours, a combination landsea package to further explore inland in Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, Whistler Resort and Europe.

    With all these pleasing and unique services available at such affordable prices, why not think about a Royal Caribbean Cruise for your next sea vacation?

    Royal Caribbean Cruises: See The World In Style

    Royal Caribbean cruises to ports of call all around the world. Their ships range in size from the (relatively) small Empress of the Seas that carries just over 2,000 passengers, to the incredibly large Freedom family of ships, each of which can carry 3,634 voyagers. An as-yet-unnamed ship is currently being built that will carry an incredible 5,400 guests out to sea.

    So where do all these people go? Well, that depends on the time of year. In the summer, many people want to cruise north. Alaska is one of the most popular destinations, and Royal Caribbean serves that area with four ships: the Radiance of the Seas, the Vision of the Seas, the Serenade of the Seas, and the Rhapsody of the Seas.

    Departing from San Francisco, Seattle, or Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, these cruises are typically 7 nights, although Royal Caribbean offers 13- and 14-night cruises, as well. Ports of call include Hubbard Glacier, Skagway, Icy Strait, Ketchikan, and the Inside Passage.

    Three time zones away, the summer cruise north to New England and Canada is also popular. Departing from several destinations along the east coast, this cruise takes voyagers into and past Boston, Bar Harbor, Halifax, and New Brunswick before returning home.

    Looking for something a little more exotic? Try leaving from Sydney, Australia on the Rhapsody of the Seas for a cruise that will take you around Australia and over to New Zealand before returning to Australia. These cruises sail during the northern hemisphere’s fall and winter seasons, which means it’s a glorious spring and summer “down under”. Now that’s how you shake off those winter blues!

    But some people say cruising is about kicking back and watching the water go by. If that’s your style, consider Royal Caribbean’s transatlantic crossings. These typically take 12 to 15 nights and you’ll sail on one of several ships. In the shoulder seasons (spring and fall), you can find great bargains on these cruises by booking a “repositioning” cruise.

    Many cruise ships sail northern routes in the summer and southern routes in the winter. In between they must be moved from one locale to another. This is called “repositioning” and it may involve big savings for you.

    The sailing is one-way, of course. Once the ship gets to its new destination, it won’t be returning to the old locale for about six months. You need to be prepared to return home on your own, but the savings on these cruises can make buying a plane ticket a no-brainer.

    Winter cruises are most popular to warmer climates, like Bermuda, Hawaii, and South America. Royal Caribbean sails its Splendour of the Seas to Sao Paulo, Brazil in winter and spring. These cruises last from 3 to 8 nights, although there is a longer, 14-night cruise that includes Brazil and the Panama Canal. All of these depart from Sao Paulo, Brazil, except for the 14-night cruise, which departs from Ft. Lauderdale.

    Check travel web sites or contact a cruise specialist to stay on top of bargains being offered on Royal Caribbean cruises. There are often specials offered on short cruises, underbooked sailings, or off-season routes.

    If you’re interested in shore excursions, package deals that include airfare (if required), cruise, transfers and several excursions may turn out to be cheaper than purchasing each thing separately. A Royal Caribbean cruise can include as much or as little as you like, so you can design the vacation that’s just right for you.

    Royal Caribbean excellent way to travel

    Royal Caribbean is a cruse line that offers you many different travel choices, destinations and activities to make your vacation perfect. Whether you would like to travel with your family, take a slow and relaxing vacation, participate in new and exciting activities or explore the new places, cultures or countries, the Royal Caribbean will definitely satisfy all your needs and desires. You can even visit several locations and participate in a number of different activities in one single Royal Caribbean cruise. And in addition to all these benefits traveling with Royal Caribbean is one of the least expensive ways to travel. Royal Caribbean would be the best choice whether you are traveling alone or with family.

    There are many different destinations where you can travel on the Royal Caribbean cruise. For example, you can take a Royal Caribbean cruise to Caribbean, Alaska, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, Panama Canal and other locations. You will travel in comfort. Your accommodations on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship would include all the necessities and amenities to make your trip the most enjoyable. You will have access to such equipment as radio, phone and TV. Royal Caribbean also offers you a broad selection of dining choices on the ship, including 24-hour room service, fine dining, restaurant and buffet.

    There are many things to do on the Royal Caribbean cruise. Besides all the activities at the destination locations, you will have access to many activities on the ship to make your Royal Caribbean trip even more fun and enjoyable. For example, you can visit the onboard fitness center to participate in sport activities. You will enjoy the Royal Caribbean cruise by using a swimming pool, mini golf course, library, skating track and other onboard activities. Royal Caribbean also offers various entertainment options that include but are not limited to evening shows, live music, comedy shows and even onboard casino.

    Find more information by clicking on the link in the resource box.

    Royal Caribbean a vacation you waited for

    Taking a Royal Caribbean cruise is one of the best ways to spend your vacations. You will have multiple Royal Caribbean destinations around the world to select from. You will also have access to a wide variety of onboard activities and entertainment during the Royal Caribbean trip. Not matter what is the main purpose of your trip, the Royal Caribbean vacation will allow you to enjoy everything that you planned to do during the trip. Also, if you are traveling with kids, the Royal Caribbean offers many activities designed specifically for kids in addition to a ton of activities for adults (including shows, casino and sport activities).

    You will have a lot of fun during your Royal Caribbean cruise vacation. If you would like to slow things down, relax and enjoy the trip views, you can do that. If you would like to take a yoga class, visit a spa or spend a few hours in the sport center – Royal Caribbean offers you that possibility. You can even go shopping while you are on a Royal Caribbean cruise. The Royal Caribbean dining is also worth mentioning. You can be sure that you will find any type of dining while you are on the cruise. Whether you would like a private dinner or a buffet style dining – Royal Caribbean offers this option to you.

    The second part of the Royal Caribbean cruise includes the onshore activities that you can participate in when you will arrive to your destination. You will get a chance to visit new places, meet new people, take sightseeing tours, visit museums and historical monuments and find out about new cultures and locations. These are just a few examples. Through Royal Caribbean you can participate in all activities that are available in the destination port. You will enjoy your time on the shore as well as your trip onboard of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

    Find more information by clicking on the link in the resource box.

    Review: Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas

    Glamorous, elegant, family-friendly and fun are what come to mind when talking about Royal Caribbean’s newest ship: Freedom of the Seas. Determined to make Freedom the most innovative and adventurous ship of its fleet, Royal Caribbean built Freedom to be the largest passenger ship ever, then added one-of-a-kind features sure to impress.

    Let the Adventure Begin

    One of the most talked about activities is the Flowrider. This exciting surfing ride gives the feeling of hanging ten on a Maui wave, all right from onboard Freedom. Grab a board and catch a wave. It’s easy to learn and fun to master.

    The H20 Zone is another water wonder found exclusively on Freedom. A dedicated crew mans this water park filled with giant and colorful sculptures, water cannons, fountains, jets, waterfalls, spiral-shaped current pool and more. For adults and kids alike, the H20 Zone is a blast during the day and a whole new adventure when lit up at night.

    While kids usually get special gathering places designated just for them, Royal Caribbean decided to offer a solarium onboard Freedom – just for adults. Fun and relaxing, the solarium presents a rainforest theme with giant sculptures of tropical birds and palm trees, poolside hammocks, a panoramic view of the ocean and music piped underwater. While truly special during the day, the solarium is spectacular at night.

    A separate sports pool accommodates the adventurous ones in your group. You’ll find traditional favorites such as water volleyball and basketball and some exciting new options including golf and jousting.

    For those looking to live life to its fullest, a rock climbing wall, ice skating rink and scuba lessons should provide plenty to do. If relaxation is your goal, work off your stress in the state-of-the-art fitness center under the watchful eye of your personal trainer. Then allow yourself to indulge in any of the massages or treatments available in Freedom’s full-service spa.

    Spacious Cabins and Family Suite

    Accommodations are outstanding with four categories of staterooms to choose from. Each is of exceptional size and offers a full-sized, flat screen television and WiFi capabilities. Each cabin also offers premium bedding and a hairdryer for added comfort and convenience.

    If you’re traveling with a large party, Freedom offers a Presidential Family Suite that will comfortably sleep up to 14 guests. With five plasma TVs, a large wrap-around balcony, a family room, bar, work stations, four separate bedrooms, four baths and its own whirlpool, this is an exceptional suite for family vacations, reunions or wedding parties.

    Children and Youth Activities

    The kids haven’t been left out. As with all Royal Caribbean ships, Freedom delivers a fun – and safe – place for kids and teens to relax and be themselves. Adventure Ocean blends age-appropriate educational activities with fun for kids from 3 – 17. From the youngest travelers who receive personalized attention from a qualified and caring staff to teens who can enjoy parties, music and more – every child will find something he or she likes onboard Freedom.


    Departing from Miami, Florida, beginning in June 2006, Freedom will sale to exciting ports of call. Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Montego Bay and other popular destinations throughout the Western, Eastern and Southern Caribbean are scheduled.

    Freedom truly is spectacular with several exclusive features not found elsewhere. Cruising enthusiasts who appreciate quality, value and fun will thoroughly enjoy their time aboard this ship.

    Research A Caribbean Vacation Package To Saint Vincent And The

    Research A Caribbean Vacation Package To Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is an Island Nation in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea and is a less frequented spot for a Caribbean Vacation Package, despite several of its small islands being well known.

    Islands like Saint Vincent itself, Bequia, Mustique, Palm, Canouan, Carriacou, Petite Martinique, Union, all appear in many holiday brochures, but somehow The Grenadines remains unknown and somehow off the beaten track.

    Even for sailors for whom a visit to the Tobago Cays is an essential part of any Caribbean vacation, seem blissfully unaware of all Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has to offer its visitors.

    So welcome to the Islands of the Grenadines, where you will find water in many shades of blue and turquoise, always warm with more wide white sand beaches than you could ever imagine. Here the coral is healthy and fish of every color and shape are abundant in the warm tropical water.

    The tiny islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have rightly been described as paradise, perhaps only here can you experience the authentic Caribbean which some feel has been lost forever.

    A part of the Caribbean which consists of a number of islands each with its own special charm, with not very many residents, all of whom love where they live, and live in a traditional Caribbean family way where family values mean everything, and friendship is respected above all other things.

    Life is different in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines where small islands mean little need for cars. Where people work to live and dont live to work.

    Islands where you can snorkel right off the beach, or hike winding paths worn smooth by generations of local feet.

    Beaches unspoilt by modern and noisy electrical appliances blaring out their raucous beat, not that you wont hear a bit of Caribbean sound!

    Small family owned hotels where you dont need air-conditioning, television, or fancy cocktail bars to tell your friends about, to know what a great time you are having Grenadines style. Islands where you will a welcome guest in their neighborhood, where when you smile and say Hello, will mean the biggest Grenadines smile and response.

    A group of islands where the Tourists children are actually made welcome, and not just tolerated.

    The Grenadines may have undeveloped roads, they may be isolated from what now passes for mainstream Caribbean life, but this isolation has great advantages too. If you are worried about any issues relating to crime, then you can just about forget them in the Grenadines. If you have heard that certain parts of the Caribbean are less than welcoming and are disrespectful to tourists, then you will have no worries in this direction.

    If you feel their comparative isolation will make the Grenadines difficult to reach, then forget that worry too.

    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are some 1600 miles south east of Florida, and St Vincent can be reached by connecting flights from Barbados, St Lucia, Martinique or Grenada, all only a short hop. You can reach all the islands onward by connecting flights or ferry service. Its remote, but its not difficult.

    For your next Caribbean Vacation Package, choose Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, because you wont regret it for one minute.

    For more information on Caribbean Vacation Spots go to http:www.caribbean-vacationspots.compagesSite-Map.html

    Providenciales Island Part Of The Turks And Caicos Islands In

    Providenciales Island Part Of The Turks And Caicos Islands In The Caribbean

    Providenciales Island is known to all as Provo, and is less than ninety minutes flying time from Miami, and is part of the Turks and Caicos Islands, being only a short hop from the International Airport, although it has its own direct flights from the USA.. It has an almost perfect temperature for a holiday destination being around 83 degrees Fahrenheit on average with about 35 inches of rain per annum. The hottest months are September and October, but the constant easterly trade winds offset the heat at this time of year which can rise to 95F and keep things reasonably cool.

    The Turks and Caicos islands are located in Eastern Standard Time, and are around nine hours flying time from London, and are a totally different world from many other Caribbean Islands.

    It is worth hiring a car if you are going to Providenciales, and also make sure you get an up to date map. You can pick a map up at the Tourist Information Stand just to the left of the baggage arrivals. A car, even a small one will enable you to get to many of the beaches and restaurants on the island, and be in control of when you want to go, and when you want to leave.
    Be aware that car rental isnt cheap but will be worth every pound.

    It is also sensible to bring with you some snorkelling equipment because the undersea sights at Providenciales are just superb, and it would be less than sensible not to take the time to swim amongst the marine life.

    You will easily find on the map two good places which are Coral Gardens and Smiths Reef.
    The Coral Gardens can be easily found on the map, just off Lower Bight Road on Penns Road.
    Park in front of the resort and walk down. The reef is protected and cordoned off with buoys, but go round the buoys and you will see a huge number of fish, and perhaps even a reef shark, but certainly parrot fish, and very often sea turtles to swim with.

    The water is deeper at Smiths Reef and it is quite a lot harder to get to. Drive towards Turtle Cove and follw the road the Yacht Club Resort and Sharkbite Restaurant[Well worth a visit]. Go left at the T junction and after parking, walk away from the marina until you see the rock cairn. Swim out to the second and larger reef, and watch out for boats, which perhaps spoils Smiths Reef..

    The real beauty of your own car of course is the independence it gives you, and you should visit the beautiful beach at Sapadillo Bay off Chalk Sound Road. It is worth driving right down the road just to see the huge houses, as well as the stunning views.

    Take the car to the southwest point of Providenciales Island.. Here you will find a very isolated and empty but beautiful beach. It takes a little finding, just head towards the Blue Hills, and stay on the main road going past Da Conch Shack, then pass a school on the right until you reach a major road to the left. By this time you will be praising the new map you bought at the airport!! Stay on that new road until the end, and there you will see three tracks. With a decent car you can take the left hand one, and this leads to the beach. If you walk along the beach around the corner until you get to a cave to explore and you will pass a rock absolutely covered with pelicans.

    There are a lot more things to see and do on Providenciales Island, superb hotels especially on Grace Bay, and there are many who feel that this part of the Turks and Caicos is as good as the Caribbean gets.

    For more information go to http:www.caribbean-vacationspots.compagesSite-Map.html

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